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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Movin' on up!

We are back in the blog world. Not only will I be leaving posts, but Trac will also be leaving updates and stories as well. And as soon as CT learns to type, he will be leaving messages. Right now, he just drools on the keyboard.

We can now be reached at :


Please stop by for a visit for the latest news on Calvin, and to a lesser extent, his parents.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I'm 4 months old now

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Epilogue: The End of a Blog

A very stupid man once uttered the words “bring on the chaos”. That stupid man was me. Caring for an infant is MUCH harder than I anticipated.

Before the baby arrived, the phrase “feed the baby” meant simply, to give the baby a bottle. This, in fact, is a gross over simplification of the truth.

“Feeding the baby” actually means – checking the baby’s diaper pre-feeding to make sure he is not sitting in a soiled diaper while eating. Preparing the bottle, possibly with one hand if he is crying and mommy is sleeping. Administering the bottle in small half-ounce doses, burping him at each break to minimize spit-up, which usually happens anyway. After the bottle is empty, sitting still for 30 minutes keeping him upright, again in an attempt to minimize spit-up. In that time, it is a safe bet that he will have devastated another diaper so it’s back to the changing table before he can go to sleep. After the fresh diaper is in place, it is a good idea to remove the dribble-soaked bib and most likely get him in a new shirt. In total, it proves to be, at the very least, an hour long process.

Thus, I will no longer have the energy or brain cells to continue frequent posts and a good blog cannot survive on scant once a week updates. It is hard to believe I started this thing 10 months ago when we first were informed little Calvin was a mere flickering dot on the sonogram screen, the size of a piece of rice.

On behalf of Tracy, Calvin and myself, I want to thank everyone for coming along for the ride. Your comments, suggestions and helpful tips have been much appreciated. I will continue to browse your blogs and we can be reached at DerekM13@comcast.net & TracyM13@comcast.net so please keep in touch with us.

Good day and have a pleasant tomorrow.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Reinforcements have arrived

Before Calvin arrived, I remember telling my wife how lucky she was being able to stay home for 12 weeks and lounge around all day. She laughed and asked me how much free time did I really think she would have. In all honesty, I thought it would be a lot.

News flash. Infants are a lot of work. I had my first horrible peeing accident today. While changing a diaper, I thought had his lu-lu thoroughly covered. I looked away for a split second and the Fountain of Calvin had erupted. This warm pee bath must have triggered another reflex because the poop started flowing. He looked like a tube of toothpaste being squeezed.

Today my sister, a mother of two small children, flew in to see the baby and offer some support. Tomorrow I go back to work. Ha! Work. Try caring for a week old child for a couple of days. Now that is work.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

His first game

Hey Calvin - What did you think of your first Patriots game Sunday night?

Yeah. Me too. They stunk.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Home Sweet Home

We are finally home from the hospital. Last night I got two hours sleep. Which is good. That is about an hour more than the previous few nights. I think I have stopped seeing hallucinations but the blurred double vision is still there. When does this get easier??

Trac is feeling better. Still in plenty of discomfort but she is up and moving around. Walking on what used to be her ankles, but have since swelled to what looks like minature tree trunks.

For those who haven't been able to visit him yet, here are a couple more pics.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Say Hello To My Little Friend!

Once again, I give you Calvin Thomas Medwid.


After 40 weeks of preparation and torture, I am proud to relay that we have a new member of our family.

Mr. Calvin Thomas Medwid! (We also accept Cal or C.T. for you Real World lovers)
He was born at about 10pm, weighing 7 pounds and 8 ounces and measuring 19 1/2 inches.
We pushed for two solid hours. Tracy gave it a Herculean (sp?, it's late) effort but little Calvin refused to come out so the doc went in and got him C-Section style.
Mommy is resting comfortably. She just had her first bonding session with Cal.

I haven't eaten in nearly 24 hours and there is a good chance I won't even make it back to my hospital bed, probably collasping in the hallway somewhere.

Pictures and a final word coming soon. :-)